A Hope for The Summer

Updated: Apr 21

Simran and Tejas had been traveling together ever since they met at an acting class in 1989. The now forty-something year olds had been to every beach in the Indian Subcontinent in their thirties, climbed up hills in their twenties, and visited numerous cities bursting with culture in the first few years of their relationship.

They now sat with an independent blogger who had come across the pair in a quaint old bookshop had been intrigued by their hushed dialogues on literature.

This blogger had an impressive following of ten thousand active users a month and to entertain these users, he wrote a new piece every fifteen days. For the next one, he had decided to talk about Simran, Tejas, and the way they travelled. The self-proclaimed writer-blogger-influencer was named Brahmansh.

“That is a unique name, you know? In all our years travelling, we have never come across another person named Brahmansh.” Tejas said.

Simran agreed and said, “Yes, I think we did meet a Brahmdutt though, a couple of years ago?”

Brahmansh narrowed his eyes and said, “I think that was my grandfather’s name as well, or my great-grandfather’s. I’m not sure. I never met either one of them.”

Tejas said, “Oh, I actually got the inspiration to travel across the country from my grandfather. He wanted to take a camera, a pen, and a paper and document the various cultures of our country, but he couldn’t due to responsibilities, those of our family.”

Brahmansh nodded and said, “That is how it usually is, isn’t it? Ha-Ha!”

Simran agreed and said, “I think for me it was the Summer Vacations we had in school and how much they meant to everyone? I used to think about that, about how everyone was waiting for the summer to let go of all the stress they had accumulated over the years.”

Tejas said, “I think that stands true for this summer more than ever, right? Two years of the pandemic where times were so uncertain and scary? Suddenly it seems like everything is falling back into place and I don’t want to jinx it but this summer feels like the beginning of new possibilities and I am so ready to lie on a beach and sunbathe for six hours, get sunburnt and sleep on the cold sand at night for relief.”

All three laughed and Tejas continued, “I think we are going to go back to Pondicherry this year. We love to beat the heat by swimming all day. We are water babies.”

“Water Babies, that’s a famous book, right?” Brahmansh asked.

Tejas nodded and said, “Yes, Simran’s favourite!”

Simran smiled and said, “Yes, my lucky copy of Water Babies, a bottle of my delicious, delectable, and heavenly Soju, and chilling in the Summer in Auroville. I think we are really toeing that line by saying it out loud, but let’s hope that manifestation is a real thing and that’s what I’m doing?”

Tejas groaned and said, “Don’t remind me of the Soju. We had such a hard time finding any in Auroville the last time we visited, and it is the only drink Simran wants on a beach, so we spent an entire day asking every bar and beer shop if they had any.”

Brahmansh asked, “Soju as in the Korean Alcohol? Right? Isn’t that just a weak whisky?”

Simran’s eyes widened and she said, “Wrong! Soju is the best drink in the world! It has a sweet tinge at the beginning, a mild alcoholic aftertaste, and it gives you the best feeling in the world when you sip it while looking at a gorgeous sunset. Wait, I have some right here, we get it from the supermarket nearby.”

Brahmansh looked confused for a second and then said, “Problem solved? Just take the drinks with you?”

Simran laughed and said, “Sorry, I only like chilled Soju. I haven’t developed a taste for freshly boiled Korean alcoholic tea yet.”

Now, it was Brahmansh who gave a short laugh and said, “Behold my experienced yet amateur travellers, have a closer look at my laptop bag.”

Brahmansh opened his laptop bag and revealed an extra compartment carrying several small cans of Fanta. Simran reached into the bag for one and gasped, “This is chilled Fanta! In such cute little cans too!”

Brahmansh said, “You get those little cans only at a few wholesale stores but this bag, ladies, and gentlemen, is much more easily available for you.”

Tejas read the label, “Outer Woods, carry happiness.”

Brahmansh continued, “I always like to carry Fanta with me, I like to have some when I’m writing in a creative fever. It’s a thing, don’t ask for a logical explanation. But this bag, this bag is special. It keeps your drinks cold for hours because it is a bottle cooler bag.”

Simran added, “And it has an extra compartment for your laptop too. I love it.”

Brahmansh said, “Ha-ha, let’s carry on with this interview and then I’ll show you their website.”

Tejas said, “Great, let’s get this interview over with so we can buy that bag and take it with us on our next summer outing.”

Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

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