A Wife's Trip Back Home

Updated: Apr 11

Namita had forgotten to pack her toothbrush.

She walked back to the bathroom and retrieved it, changing her mind to not take her shampoo with her and fetching a bottle of that as well. She was sure that her mother was still using Clinic Plus, the same shampoo she had been for over 30 years now. Namita’s hair required a milder wash. Her mother thought this was absolute nonsense her daughter had picked up by living in the big city, that every shampoo was the same and one could even wash their hair with laundry detergent in a pinch. There was no convincing her parents, not anymore at least.

Namita had accepted her parents for who they were and most importantly, she had accepted the ways that they were different from her. It wasn’t important to agree with them, all one had to do with family was love them and care about them. That was what she had learned by living as an adult. She had to remember that learning now that she was going to spend a weekend with her parents. She had a business meeting in Pune, and it was unimaginable for her to go back to her hometown and live anywhere except her own home.

She walked back to her bed where the suitcase had been lying propped open, overflowing with clothes and books. It was always impossible to decide how many books were too many books for one weekend for her.

Namita opened the travel kit she carried with her on every trip and tucked the little bottle of shampoo and her toothbrush in it. As she was zipping up her suitcase, she noticed something lying at the foot of her bed. It was a package wrapped in brown paper held together with a big red ribbon. She tugged at the ribbon and the flimsy brown paper fell off revealing a navy-blue bag of some kind. She picked it up and read the label, “Outer Woods, carrying happiness” it said.

“It is for the stressful evenings when you are fretting over a business proposal, the alignment of every slide in your presentation, or a subtle disagreement with your parents.” Her husband said, leaning in the doorway.

Namita turned to him with a smile and said, “You know me too well. But what is this? A bag? I have lots of handbags!”

Her husband chuckled and walked over to her. He unzipped the bag and showed Namita its insides. “It is an insulated two bottle bag. You can keep your wine in here and your parents won’t know. It looks just like a stylish handbag, something you’d try to stuff a book and your makeup in.”

Namita laughed and said, “Why do you assume I need to hide the fact that I drink a glass of wine every now and then from my parents? Aren’t we adults?”

Her husband smiled and said, “We are, but I know that you are still concerned about your parents’ feelings regarding the matter. They’ll pretend to be okay with you enjoying some wine and worry about it later, and you will worry about them worrying about it later. I’m just cutting out all the worrying. I want you to have a good weekend even if you are there, so if you want to unwind in the evening with a good book and a glass of wine, here is your solution! Plus, it has extra space for your glass and can keep your drink cool for a long time.”

“You’ve thought of everything, haven’t you?” Namita said with a smile.

He replied, cheekily, “Of course, that is what good husbands do, and I darling, am the best.”

"Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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