Best Travel Hacks - Celebrating 10 Years of Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (ZNMD)

Updated: Apr 9

Having a bad day at work, not been able to find a suitable job or not been able to pace up with the coherence of life we all have somewhere at a point of time want to get rid of all these and escape somewhere at peace at an unknown place fully connected with nothing but from within. We all want to run far but close to ourselves from within just like ‘Imran Qureshi’ (Farhan Akthar) from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara,” said,

“Pighle Neelam sa Behta hua ye Samaa,

Neeli Neeli si Khamoshoiyan,

Na kahin hai zameen, Na kahin Aasman

Sarsarati hui tehniyan, Pattiyan

Keh rahi hai ke bas ek Tum ho Yahan

Sirf main hoo, Meri Saansein, Meri dhadkanein

Aisi Gehraiyaan, Tanhaiyaan

Aur Main, Sirf Main

Apney hone pe Mujhko Yaqeen aa Gaya.”

Travelling has always been about exploring and fun. Switching some moments from the chaos of life to the harmony into the lap of nature, we all collide somewhere at the same place that is “‘Wanderlust’ (noun): Feeling an urge of travelling.”

Backpacks, Road trips, Friends, Peace. Who doesn’t want such things in life? But most of the time there is one factor that holds us back from travelling our heart out, which is ‘Budget’.

Being in a totally unknown place between unknown people we often end up paying a higher price for everything unless you are a pro at bargaining because people barely have that talent, if you do, then the game is all yours. Be it transport, accommodation or food, bargaining skills are the show-stealer. But if you don’t know then we are here to help you with it.

In this blog we will give you some amazing travel hacks which will not only make you travel your heart out but also save your money (No, this is not going to increase your bargaining skills) :

1. Use local transport to travel locally. Be it a bus, auto-rickshaw, e-rickshaw or local train. Believe me, it can save you 1000 bucks or more per day which is enough amount to do certain things from your travel to-do list, right.

2. For taxis or cabs, look at sharing cabs from apps like ‘Bla Bla Car’ and for rental cars from ‘Zoomcar’ or after reaching the destination just web search for “rental vehicles near me” local people use to list their personal vehicles for rent you can hire one from them.

3. Avoid private or luxury buses, take public transportation like state roadways buses. It not only saves your money but also gives you an authentic zest of that place.

4. Go for rental tents or hostels or look for affordable accommodation on apps like 'Airbnb'. There are so many more ways to get cheaper accommodations or you can afford local guest houses or homestays. If you browse smarter you will get amazing deals on accommodations like if you are under 26 then there are so many deals offering student discounts off on certain platforms, you just have to carry your student or occupational id card with you to avail yourself of such discounts.

5. Always bring your own water bottle. Never, I repeat never buy packed water from the airport or any other local shops, bring your own bottle and refill it whenever needed. Because firstly you will not become helpless to use single-use plastic and secondly, you can save up to 20 bucks because every penny counts when it's about saving. So 20 bucks is not enough but you can make it count.

6. For food, search for hotels offering complimentary meals or just roam around and you will get delicious regional cuisine on the streets of that place at an affordable price.

7. Carry Your Own Drinks with Outer Woods Wine Cooler Bags. Carrying your own drinks saves a lot of money as the Bars and Restaurants charge a premium of serving your favourite Drink like Wine, Beer, Vodka, Whisky etc. You can buy drinks from trusted stores and enjoy them while on the move or relaxing at the beach. There are much more these Wine Bags has to offer, check out the complete range of Outer Woods Wine Bags here.

8. For shopping, avoid purchasing from the tourist market instead head towards the local market because the tourist market tends to have higher prices to generate more revenue in the tourism of that particular state.

9. Every place has its own culture and you will be unknown to it, so download any language translation app to cope up with any kind of language barriers.

10. Use an ATM for changing currency if needed. You’ll get better exchange rates. (For international trips)

Now you must have known the hacks and tricks to save money while travelling to an unknown place. So pack your bags. And head towards your favourite destination and follow the hacks we have given you. You can thank us later after your trip. Till then, plan, pack and wander.

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