Carry Your Favourite Drinks Wherever You Go!!!

It is August 2021 and things are under the control from the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic and ultimately, after months of lockdown, we can go outside although this time with precautions. The delight of meeting friends after a long time is incomparable.

Friends Trip to the Farm House with Outer Woods Wine Bags

We began to anticipate a road trip someplace a long way from the city, however, the pandemic was there and everybody has been some way or another influenced adversely. Thus, after examining every one of the defensive estimates we settled down for a nice outing at a farmhouse at one of our companions in the nearby forest. We chose not to depend on anybody for anything in the setting so we split the errands between us all. The food, drink, entertainment and more. With this travel blog, I would like to share a quick tip to carry your favourite drinks wherever you go.

Friends on a Road trip with Outer Woods

For travelling, we hired a vehicle, as we would prefer not to pass up any sort of nature's pleasure following months living like an early man trapped before laptop screens. We hired an open Jeep for our trip which could accommodate 4 of us and a lot of Food and Drinks.

As it was a personal Farm House the arrangement of the Barbeque and Bonfire was easy. We took a lot of fresh vegetables, meat and cookware to cook mouth-watering. One of my friends is a chef and she is an expert in making sandwiches, Grilled Chicken, Kebabs & Tikkas etc. The plan was to enjoy the natural surroundings and indulge in some amazing food and drinks.

Friends Enjoy a day out at the Farm House with Barbeque and Drinks

The Farm House was located in the foothills of Himachal Pradesh and we couldn't be much happier to see the magnificent place. It had few rooms to relax, a big farm and a swimming pool to chill out. Such quiet places bring out the joy in you and fill your heart with love. We had planned the whole day out with few games, a live barbeque and lots of drinking options.

The drinking options was the most tricky one as all of us had different choices and finding a refrigerator at the farmhouse was not guaranteed. Everyone has their favourite brand of drinks and they would like to stick to it no matter what. Also picking up drinks from local roadside stores poses the risk of getting duplicates and high prices.

Friends enjoy Day out with Outer Woods Wine Bag

That's when Outer Woods Wine Cooler Bags came to our rescue. For the 4 of us, there was ample space in these 3 Bottle Wine Cooler bags that could carry our favourite drinks, some quick snacks and accessories. These Outer Woods Wine Cooler Bags were our Party Heros as they not only keep the glass bottles safe, they keep them cool for up to 6 hours and we can carry our favourite Beer Glasses too.

We had 2 Wine Cooler Bags that could easily carry 5 different brands of drinks and glasses. It was so easy to carry them all along the trip. No one could guess, what's in the bag? These can also be called Beer & Snacks Bags. One of a kind of innovative insulated bags that help you carry happiness.

"We say we are having some good times yet in all actuality, we are making memories."

Outer Woods Blog on making memory with friends while on a trip.

Truly, that day has been the most memorable in the entire pandemic. We chose to have a long outing someplace after this pandemic will be over. We trust we will have that day soon...

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