Three Days in Udaipur - The City of Lakes

Updated: Apr 11

It gets difficult to get away from work, family, and most of all, from yourself when you are living in a city filled to the brim with people. Delhi is a city of opportunities. It is wonderful in many aspects. Everyone can find their place here. Both literally and figuratively, the realty market is wildly flexible so one can literally find their place here quite easily. It just depends on how much you are willing to travel in the morning metro on your way to work every single day.

But it is also very easy to lose yourself in the hustle and forget what makes you different and special in this world. It is important to reset and remember everything you are so you can become everything you want to be every day for the rest of your life.

Whenever Harsh, Mukund, and Vanshaj wanted to reset, they would pack up their clothes, inform their families, and motor off to Udaipur. Udaipur was a respite, a home away from home. It was the city they had been constantly trying to discover every bit of since their college days.

On one particularly memorable trip, they had booked themselves a stay in one of the many seemingly identical palatial hotels of Udaipur. “Seemingly” being a keyword as every single hotel had the same aesthetic but was built on a different story altogether, making every stay unique. For this one, they were at a place in the Old City for 3 days. They planned to take the bike tour around Alsigarh, riding through the Aravalli range and marvelling at the magnanimity of nature.

Harsh carried a bag of bike repair equipment on his back. A “safety kit”, one might call it, in case of emergencies. Vanshaj was adamant that they take it with them on every trip. He was a stickler for rules and precautions. Mukund carried the food as they planned to eat near the Nandeshwar Lake, remembering and reciting every bit of the story their tour guide had told them the first time they visited Udaipur as college students. They had roamed around on the streets all day and stopped by a friend’s outdoor party in the evening, sharing the first beers of their lifetime with each other.

Vanshaj carried the most important bag himself. It was an Olive Green Premium Outer Woods bag he had bought precisely for these trips. It was a 3-bottle bag, a Beer Bag, perfect for a group of three friends. The bag matched the colour of the small flags that fluttered in the wind from his bike handle, the flags that set his bike apart as a non-living travel companion and not just another vehicle.

They reached the lake, and each took off the bag on their backs, taking off along with it the months of stress they had been passively carrying from work to home and then back to work. Right here, right now, they were just three friends who were going to share a few Miller Beers by the lake, not Assistant Managers, Marketing Advisors, or Studio Producers.

They opened the Outer Woods bag and grabbed a bottle each.

“Cold Beer, what a miracle.” Harsh said, marvelling at the condensation that was appearing on the cool surface of the bottle.

“Not a miracle but the magic of insulated travel bags! It is a cooler bag, so the beer always stays cold. I think I fit in a whole lot of snacks in here too.” Vanshaj replied.

“No, it is a miracle. We don’t want the science, only the cold beer and the snacks.” Mukund said with a grin.

The air was warm, and the beer was chilled. It was a good day and a good life.

"Live for each second, without hesitation." - Elton John

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