Two Sisters on the Road

Updated: Apr 11

Anjani and Chandana had always dreamed of going on a road trip. When they told people about this life goal, they liked to mention that they had wished to go on a road trip before Zoya Akhtar had glorified the idea with 'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara'. In fact, they liked to proudly state their ages, corrected for social norms and vanity but still older than the director herself as proof of the originality of their idea.

However, what the two sisters had not envisioned was a bumpy ride where they were running into one problem after another. First, Anjani had forgotten her toothbrush and had insisted on buying a new one in case they forgot to when they stopped for the night. It had to be a brush with zigzag bristles though.

“Lord knows what good that does. I am a dentist, and my own sister is falling for these marketing schemes. Anji, the zigzag bristles do absolutely nothing special!” Chandana had screamed at her in exasperation. But Anjani had to do what she had to do, and they had spent close to an hour looking for the toothbrush.

“I should have packed an extra toothbrush.” Anjani had said after purchasing the brush and getting back in the car.

“Yes, you should have packed an extra toothbrush, an extra phone, an extra towel, and an extra sister as well, you know, in case I go missing.” Chandana said.

“Why do you have to be so negative?” Anjani replied.

They drove for a while in silence, though the ride was certainly not a quiet one. There were potholes and rocks littered everywhere on the road, not to mention actual litter too.

“I hope my perfume survives the car ride.” Anjani said wishfully.

Chandana smirked and said, “Well, we could always spend an hour tomorrow getting you a toxin free, all natural, liquid based – ladies’ perfume in the morning in case the one you packed breaks. Is there a particular brand we should look for while we are hurrying to check out?”

Anjani said, “Why do you always have to make fun of me? Don’t forget, I am the older sister.”

Chandana said, “It is really easy to get on your nerves, not to mention fun!”

Anjani smiled and said, “If Mum and Dad could see us now, they would be so embarrassed.”

Chandana said, “I can almost hear Dad say – 48 years old, a mother of two sons, a successful dentist, and still messing with her older sister’s head! What a wild child!”

Anjani laughed, “I don’t think he would notice that though, I think he would be preoccupied with telling us off for thinking we could go on a road trip together.”

Chandana said, “Oh but the first question would be, why a road trip? If you want to go to Mumbai from Ahmedabad, buy a plane ticket! Did we raise our girls to aspire to be middle aged truck drivers?”

The two sisters spent a while chatting in this fashion until they reached the hotel they were going to stay at that night. While checking in, Anjani noticed Chandana giving the manager some special instructions and pointing to the black bag she had brought. Anjani had assumed it was one of Chandana’s travel kits or a personal handbag, but now she wasn’t sure.

What was in the bag?

She got to know soon enough as the waiter led her down a path away from her room and into the hotel’s gardens after dinner. Her sister was waiting for her with a giant cake, two glasses, and the same black bag.

“Happy Birthday Anji” Chandana said, giving her sister a hug.

Anjani wiped a tear from her eye and said, “Thank you”

“Oh God, always so sentimental.” Chandana laughed.

“I was always so scared that we would stop being close to each other after we got married and moved away and it just occurred to me that – we didn’t. I just think that is really special.” Anjani explained.

Chandana smiled and handed Anjani the black bag, “Outer Woods, Carrying Happiness” said the label.

Anjani opened it and looked inside, it held two bottles of chilled champagne. She shut it immediately and said in a whisper, “Oh my god! You brought champagne all this way? How did these bottles even survive! You are so silly, what if the bottles had broken and flooded the car with champagne?”

Chandana laughed and said, “Relax Anji. We don’t have to hide anymore. We make the rules now, and as for how the bottles survived, the bag is insulated with thick padding to ensure the bottles don’t break and stay cool.”

Anjani laughed and said, “Ha-ha, is this my birthday gift?”

Chandana said, “Absolutely not. This is mine. I’ll send you the link if you want one too.”

Anjani smiled and said, “Okay, cheers.”

Chandana said, “Cheers.”

A sister can be seen as someone who is both ourselves and very much not ourselves - a special kind of double.” - Toni Morrison

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